Achieve your Spanish B1 Level

Online lessons to make to reach your B1 level

Our Spanish B1 & B2 online courses are the ideal way to study the language at your own pace. If you are passionate about the Spanish language and have a basic knowledge of the Spanish language, we offer you the possibility to continue learning with us at the intermediate level. You will discover all the verb forms: past, future, conditional, imperative and our friend the subjunctive, among many other things. You will see that you are more fluent and you will enjoy pleasant conversations and debates in our conversation classes.

learn spanish with native speakers

We adapt to your needs

You will improve your reading, listening, writing, and speaking skills. We will help you obtain your Spanish B1 Diploma and from there get the following levels. We also work in collaboration with the Mississippi College in the USA, offering their students spanish online classes. Obtain your Spanish B1 & B2 level! 

When you learn a language you don’t know how far you can go. In this level you will consolidate everything you have learnt so far and you will express yourself and interact like a native speaker. We will use intercultural reflection activities and guide you in your learning.

Why the Spanish Club?

All levels available

We do preparation on different spanish levels, from A1 to C2, as well as DELE preparation or any official accreditation.

Custom lectures

Tell us what your needs are, and we will adapt the lectures, from standard lectures to only conversation or reading!

Group or Individual

You can choose wether you want to have your classes individually or in small groups based on your needs and desires.

Choose how to start!


Single Class with an hour of duration

A1 to C2   DELE  Material Included

€ 28

10 Classes with an €100 saving

A1 to C2   DELE  Material Included

€ 25

20 Classes with an €260 saving

A1 to C2   DELE  Material Included

What our students say

I've enjoyed my online lectures with Marga. Every week we would read a book and discuss the chapters and characters of the story together, a great way to learn spanish!

Former Spanish Student

Charlotte Harderman

Marga enriches my understanding of the Spanish culture while encouraging and supporting my language ability. She and her class represent all that I adored about studying in Spain

Former Spanish Student

Allison Eliopoulos

Maria Luisa was really interested in transmiting me all the grammar spanish gramma in a way that I could understanding. Thank you for your patience, will never forget you!

Spanish Student Sahar Ali Asiri

Sahar Ali Asiri

The Spanish Club Native Spanish Teachers

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