Every year we try our best to change in many aspects of our life, but sometimes is more complex than we expect. In the Spanish Club we want you to achieve your goals, so we’ve created a list of tips for accomplishing your new year’s resolutions

New Year’s Resolutions Tips

1. Focus on one resolution. 

Instead of having many resolutions, it is better to set few, but achievable and specific ones.  

2. Focus on 365 days. 

Don’t wait until New Year’s Eve to set your wishes. Make it a long and ongoing process throughout the year.

 3. Make small progress. 

Many people tend to abandon their resolutions because their goals are too big and require extra effort and action all at once. So make it progressive and enjoy every step of progress.

4. Find a supporter. 

A great idea is to have the support of a friend, partner, siblings or parents to accompany you on this journey. Ask them to measure your progress and hold you accountable. It needs to be someone close to you who you trust to report and evaluate your progress.

 5. Celebrate your successes. 

Don’t wait until your purpose is completely fulfilled. For each breakthrough, give yourself a reward or encouragement that will spur you on with enthusiasm.

 6. Focus your thoughts. 

Adopt new patterns of behaviour and optimistic thoughts. Create neural connections that help you change habits, i.e., make affirmations instead of denials.

 7. Focus on the present. 

Think only about the things you can do today, how to align them with your goals. Don’t sabotage yourself by thinking about whether you can do it or that you have had few results for weeks. Just make the most of each day.

 8. Be aware. 

Become aware of your physical, emotional and mental condition. Observe your inner state and how you feel with each external event, moment by moment. Recognise what you want to achieve your purpose for and the satisfactions you «think» you will have.

 A sure-fire formula for accomplishing any goal is discipline. So ideally, stop procrastinating and stop being apathetic, so you will be satisfied with the things you achieve at the end of this cycle.

What are your wishes for this year?

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