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Who is behind The Spanish Club


We have extensive experience and knowledge in language teaching, which has led us to work in person in Spanish schools and at Mississippi College University in the United States.

Since 2020, our way of working has moved to the digital world, but our way of teaching has not changed. Our passion is to teach Spanish and share our enthusiasm with our students. We believe that this passion is contagious and contributes significantly to the learning process, making classes more motivating and effective.

For us, each student is unique, with different learning processes and goals. We adapt our lessons to meet individual and collective needs, providing a personalized approach so that the student is aware of their progress.

We use didactic material adapted to the level of each student, so that the classes are more productive, dynamic and beneficial.

One of our characteristics is that we value the student-teacher relationship very much, and we promote a positive and respectful learning environment. We strive to create a space where students feel comfortable expressing themselves and resolving all their questions.

Another of our goals is to develop the cultural approach of our language, since we not only teach the language, but also cultural aspects that enrich the global understanding of Spanish. We put the cultural richness of Spanish-speaking countries into context, including customs, traditions and idiomatic expressions.

The opinions of our students are the best proof where you can learn more about our way of teaching Spanish. We are excited about the opportunity to be your teachers and help you achieve your linguistic goals!

Spanish Teachers

Why Us?

Why should you study spanish with us?

Experiencia Nativa

Native Experience

We are native Spanish speakers, which guarantees you an authentic immersion in the language. Learn naturally and get to know colloquial speech, expressions, and cultural nuances.

Enfoque personalizado

Personalized Approach

We choose small group and individual classes to offer a more personalized experience. Each student receives individualized attention, allowing for faster progress tailored to their needs. Contact does not end in class, but you can communicate with us through WhatsApp or Telegram to resolve any questions or make suggestions.

Metodología innovadora

Innovative Methodology

We rely on current pedagogical approaches, cognitive grammar, and updated didactic materials to make learning Spanish stimulating and effective. Online classes are designed to be interactive, dynamic, and participatory.

Flexibilidad horaria

Flexible Schedule

We understand that you are very busy in your daily life, so we offer flexible hours to adapt to your tasks and needs. You can learn Spanish from the comfort of your home, choosing the time that best suits your schedule.


Feedback constructivo

Constructive Feedback

Through a private WhatsApp and Telegram group with the rest of the students, we will answer your questions and give you constructive and detailed feedback. Not only during class hours, but also outside of them! So you won’t have to wait for your next class.

Comunidad de aprendizaje

Learning Community

You will be part of a enriching learning community, where you can interact with other students, practice the language outside of class, and share cultural experiences.


A little more about us

More about us


About me, I could say that I am passionate about nature, animals, travelling and meeting new people. In my free time I enjoy reading, doing sports such as swimming, walking around with my dog and spending time with my family and friends.

One of my favourite hobbies is cooking and learning new recipes, so don’t be surprised if one of our lessons revolves around how to make the perfect Spanish paella. I have a degree in Art History and I enjoy putting it into practice when we talk about Spain’s artistic and historical landmarks. I am looking forward to teaching you Spanish and discovering all that you have to teach me about yourself and your culture!

María Luisa

I love  to learn new things; everyday, I give myself new goals to achieve. Online teaching has been a wonderful surprise to see how I have grown as a teacher in these 3 years. I am excited to see how we can grow together!

My passions are travelling, reading, watching series and films and eating, but I don’t like cooking at all.

I also love getting to know new cultures and talking with people, yes I like to talk a lot!!. Teaching is now my main job and I hope to continue learning in this field. Would you want to learn Spanish online with me?

Will you join us?

There are more than half a billion Spanish speakers around the world!

Why us?

  • Learn with native Spanish speakers
  • Customized lessons
  • Have your Spanish level evaluated in your first, free meeting with us - no commitment necessary
  • Fun and dynamic classes
  • Flexible class schedule
  • Access to private WhatsApp and Telegram group
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