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Posts and podcasts for learning spanish! Practise your reading and listening. You can also record an audio and send it to our email – we’ll help you with your pronunciation!

Posts and Podcasts for Learning Spanish

Spanish Online Podcast
September Academic Year

Does the year start in September?

September: New academic year We have just started September and the school year is about to begin, finalising details of materials, books, backpacks… This is

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Learn spanish over the summer

How to Study Spanish Online

How to Study Spanish Online: Learn from home It is not the pandemic that has made it fashionable to study online. For many years now,

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Spanish Reflexive Verbs

Spanish Reflexive Verbs

Spanish Reflexive Verbs are conjugated in all their forms with a reflexive pronoun that has to agree with the subject in person and number: (yo)

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Weather Vocabulary in Spanish

Weather vocabulary in Spanish

Do you know weather vocabulary in Spanish? Even though Spain is a huge country, we, The Spanish Club, can assure you that one of the

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