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Posts and podcasts for learning spanish! Practise your reading and listening. You can also record an audio and send it to our email – we’ll help you with your pronunciation!

Posts and Podcasts for Learning Spanish

Spanish Online Podcast
Learn spanish over the summer

How to Study Spanish Online

How to Study Spanish Online: Learn from home It is not the pandemic that has made it fashionable to study online. For many years now,

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Spanish Reflexive Verbs

Spanish Reflexive Verbs

Spanish Reflexive Verbs are conjugated in all their forms with a reflexive pronoun that has to agree with the subject in person and number: (yo)

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Weather Vocabulary in Spanish

Weather vocabulary in Spanish

Do you know weather vocabulary in Spanish? Even though Spain is a huge country, we, The Spanish Club, can assure you that one of the

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imperfect tense in spanish

Imperfect Tense in Spanish

Have you heard of the imperfect tense in Spanish? This is another of the spanish past tenses that we are going to learn, the Imperfect

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