New Year’s Resolution: Learn something new

If your new year’s resolution is to start the year learning a new language, keep reading this post to help you.

The year that comes to an end always leaves us with a reflection on what we want for the new year. So, when you think about learning Spanish, make it a realistic and achievable goal within a certain time frame. You can consider studying a language with a deadline of one year, six months or three months to see real results, but as long as it is not a sacrifice or something that you really want to accomplish. 


New Year’s Resolution: Keep your goal visible

Another point to keep in mind is to be clear about the purpose of that objective, for example, why do I want to learn Spanish: to communicate with my Spanish and/or Latin American friends; to get a better job; to be able to travel and communicate with people in the country; to find a partner, etc.

One of the most important points is constancy, to achieve any purpose you have to create a habit. To do this it is advisable to write in your personal and professional agenda, or in your digital agenda, the reservation of an hour for the Spanish class and the time you estimate for daily study, since it has to be integrated into your new habits along with your work and personal schedule. Everything is part of your daily life, so it will be much easier for you to achieve your goal of learning Spanish.

new year's resolution

Learning Spanish in 2022

It is a priority that you create your own rhythm without making comparisons with people around you who are doing something similar. You set your goals and no one can influence you. Studying a new language is something that everyone works on individually and by being constant and disciplined every week you will be able to see how you are improving, and after three months you will start to see results. 

Although there will be times when you want to procrastinate, think about the satisfaction of achieving the final goal: speaking Spanish fluently, reading books at an advanced level, watching series and movies in Spanish, writing messages correctly and understanding a native speaker when you talk to him/her. When something like this happens to you, turn to your Spanish teachers to find the motivation you need and not get discouraged. You are doing a good job.

Testing your Progress

Firstly, for each month we recommend that you take a short test of everything you have seen to see how much progress you have made. Once you see the result, if it is positive, reward yourself by practicing your favorite hobby, going to the movies, buying that treat you have been wanting for a long time, eating at a new restaurant, etc., to feel proud of your progress in learning Spanish. This will renew your energy to keep going. At the SpanishClub, we always track the progress of our students and we look for ways to optimize their learning.

After your months of study you will see that among the benefits of learning a language are: creativity, self-confidence, improved memory, the ability to optimize your mother tongue and the knowledge of a new culture. 

For all these reasons, we encourage you to learn Spanish, get to know our culture and take a virtual trip with us through Spain and Latin America. 

Finally, we hoped that you enjoyed this post about new year’s resolution. If you have any questions, you can contact us. Book 25 minutes in the pop up on the page and we will chat about your exercises and solve all your questions. It doesn’t matter with you have a Spanish C1 or Spanish A1, we are always willing to help. In conclusion, we hope to see you in the social media!