September: New academic year

We have just started September and the school year is about to begin, finalising details of materials, books, backpacks… This is the thought of many parents and children, but does the year also begin for you in September?

Although it’s been many years since we stopped studying, but not learning, we are always updating ourselves and when September arrives there’s an air of beginning, does it also happen to you?


Starting from scrath?

September is like another new year, but without grapes or new resolutions, maybe you renew some that you have already completed or update the ones you see that were not well focused or simply review the ones you thought back in January.


Of course, you can’t miss the basics: gym, diet and languages. And this is where we wanted to stop. Interesting holidays? Last minute plans? Have you visited Spain or a Latin American country and said to yourself: wouldn’t it be wonderful to come back speaking Spanish and communicating like a native? Because when you return, in addition to your backpack or suitcase, you bring back experiences and even friends, some more special than others. 

Then you ask yourself questions and type in your favourite search engine «Spanish classes» and that is why you have come here, to The Spanish Club Classes Online because you have decided to take the reins of your life, as you always do, because we really reinvent ourselves every day, and you are going to study Spanish with us.

Start learning spanish online in september

You have several options in your head. You are going to talk to your company to help you learn the language because, in case you don’t know, all companies have a training budget, and besides, yours is based in Spain or is considering the possibility of establishing itself in Spain and here is your chance to make your dream come true. Another option is to talk to your friends so that someone else is encouraged to share classes, enthusiasm and Spanish and, of course, with yourself and click on our contact to talk to us and we will advise you on what is most appropriate to start, improve and speak Spanish.


Look at it as a long term investment. You start with a few classes to get to know the language better, a love affair that will last a lifetime. Sprinkle in culture, music, history, history, food and places to discover and practice your Spanish, and who knows, maybe even stay and live in the country.


Build on the idea, even as an enhancement to your CV, as many companies value knowledge of several languages. Spanish is one of the most valued, since it is the second most spoken language in the world and one of the most demanded, both by companies and students, to improve their working life. More and more people are jumping on the Spanish-speaking bandwagon, are you going to miss it?

How to learn spanish over the summer

Summer’s over but September can bring new opportunities

Don’t think of the end of summer as the end of something good. Think of the new beginnings, the new projects you can achieve by learning Spanish: from living in a Spanish-speaking country, to getting to know a new culture full of colour, customs and lots of rhythm.


You will see how you will be infected by the joy and beauty of Spanish. From its verbs, its expressions, its tongue twisters and its series. You’ve probably heard of many of them, and that’s why September is the best month for you to plan how to achieve your goals.

Still don’t believe that the year starts in September? Can you give us more ideas on why the year starts in September? When does the year start for you?

Write to us in the comments when the year starts for you or if you agree with us that the year starts, again, in September.

Learning spanish after the summer is a pleasure, and even more so if it is with The Spanish Club Classes Online. For more articles feel free to explore our Spanish Blog.