How to Study Spanish Online: Learn from home

It is not the pandemic that has made it fashionable to study online. For many years now, courses of all kinds have been developed to reach everyone and give more access to study content. It is a way to study at your own pace, without moving from home, from the tranquility of your couch, your chair and even your bed, if space is limited. Have good lighting and be isolated for an hour of what can capture your attention and distract you. Put your cell phone on airplane mode. Close the door of the room or office, if possible. This is a way to start studying a language and to keep improving later. In this post we will walk you through on how to study spanish online successfully.

Resources you need to start studying spanish online

The title of the post may suggest that having a computer and internet connection would be enough to study Spanish. The thing is that is not enough. Have you ever really wondered how to study Spanish online correctly? If you just listen to audios, search for texts and answer repetitive questions that you find on the net it’s not enough. This gives us an unlimited number of resources and possibilities to learn, but doesn´t answer our question. How to study spanish online correctly?

The offer on the web is endless, but we suggest you start with our classes to learn Spanish. You can start from beginner to advanced level. When you have done that screening on the internet, you have your goal clear and you have decided for our method, it is time to find your moment, your environment, your space and enthusiasm and start with the classes.

You put your favorite cup of coffee, tea or water and turn on your computer. At the scheduled time you log on to the zoom class and the rock and roll begins. During the class you will always speak Spanish. The activities and material are focused so that from the first moment the contact with the language is close and friendly. Start the classes with pen and paper by your side. Although the teacher explains the doubts by writing on a blackboard, it is always good to take notes of what we hear, of the doubts that are solved. Also, ask as many questions as possible so that you are clear about what you are learning.

How to study spanish online

What do you when your lecture is over

When the class is over, it is good to review the notes you have taken. Review the vocabulary and questions you have asked and the solution to those questions. Afterwards, you can take a break of about fifteen minutes to stretch your legs and change your posture a bit. It is good to move your body before continuing.

After listening to the teacher for an hour straight, it is now time to do it individually. Refill your cup again and start doing the exercises you have done in class again, going over the notes and what you have heard in class. Use the material the teacher has provided you with and review the vocabulary, grammar and lexis related to the topic of conversation you have covered: dialogues, directed conversations, songs, etc.

Testing your Progress

When you pass a level, it is good to have a reinforcement test to evaluate, both us as teachers and you as a student, the study and discipline to know what you need to improve or how to focus the classes to make them more profitable for you.

The material adapted to the level as well as the individual or group classes have favoured your learning, something that will be evaluated in the final test of the level reached. Throughout the whole process you have been very close to us as teachers, tutors, and mentors. We have always been at your disposal to clarify any doubts you may have had during your study.

Finally, we hoped that you enjoyed this post about how to study spanish online. If you have any questions, you can contact us. Book 25 minutes in the pop up on the page and we will chat about your exercises and solve all your questions. It doesn’t matter with you have a Spanish C1 or Spanish A1, we are always willing to help. In conclusion, we hope to see you in the social media!