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Spanish B1 & B2

Our Spanish B1 & B2 online courses are the ideal way to study the language at your own pace. If you are passionate about the Spanish language and have a basic knowledge of the Spanish language, we offer you the possibility to continue learning with us at the intermediate level. You will discover all the verb forms: past, future, conditional, imperative and our friend the subjunctive, among many other things. You will see that you are more fluent and you will enjoy pleasant conversations and debates in our conversation classes. Also, we will share moments getting to know the current topics of our society and culture. 

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38 Price per Hour
  • Let's meet in a free first meeting
  • Personalized Classes
  • You choose when to have the lectures
  • Material included


30 Price per Hour
  • Personalized Classes
  • You choose when to have the lectures
  • Material included

10 hours

28 Price per Hour
  • Get your Spanish test in your first meeting with us
  • Personalized Classes
  • You choose when to have the lectures
  • Material included


What will you learn?

Firstly, you will see the differences in the past tenses and use them correctly. Secondly, you will begin to use the subjunctive to express desires, doubts, etc. Finally, you will also acquire a wide range of vocabulary and grammar adapted to this level. 

Finally, you will have a series of spanish b1 tests and exercises to keep practicing after your spanish course for intermediate!


spanish intermmediate

let's meet in a free first meeting

spanish b1

What will the classes be like?

They will take place via Zoom and we will send you the link in advance so that you can connect comfortably. Classes last 55 minutes, with the possibility of choosing the times and days.

The student can also do double classes, or do a series of lectures on the same week. Improving your Spanish was never this easy!

Material we'll use

The material is adapted to the level and includes grammar, exercises, infographics and audios. Everything we use in the classes is included in the course price.

We will assess you at the begining to know your current level (either Spanish B1 or B2) and from there we will work onwards in this spanish course for intermediate.

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Native Teachers

We are two experienced teachers who love our work and want to help you

Flexible schedules

Classes from Monday to Sunday at the timetable of your choice.

Group Classes

If you like to share and meet people, you can choose our group classes.

Flexible Cancellation

You have up to three classes to decide if you want to take our classes.

Spanish course for intermediate

We have an extensive timetable adapted to your needs. Moreover, you won’t notice the difference between online and face-to-face classes, as you can learn from the comfort of your own home. 

You will improve your reading, listening, writing, and speaking skills. We will help you obtain your Spanish B1 Diploma and from there get the following levels. We also work in collaboration with the Mississippi College in the USA, offering their students spanish online classes. Obtain your Spanish B1 & B2 level!

When you learn a language you don’t know how far you can go. In this level you will consolidate everything you have learnt so far and you will express yourself and interact like a native speaker. We will use intercultural reflection activities and guide you in your learning. We will also work with texts to improve reading comprehension and audios for listening comprehension. In addition, the language skills will be more analytical, demonstrating your full knowledge of the language. On the other hand, you will get closer to the language in its full extent, you will learn new expressions that you have never heard before, working on them and assimilating them so that you don’t forget them and use them as if you were Spanish.

We are more than half a billion Spanish speakers Will you join us?

Forget the gels and masks and let’s share a coffee while you learn.

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