Learn Spanish over the Summer: 2022 Edition

Why don´t we learn spanish over the summer? Summer is the time when we begin to make, once again, important decisions for our most immediate future: vacations. The good weather, the sun, and the longer days make us want to do more activities. In addition, they are not so tedious, quite the opposite. What in winter supposes an arduous effort, in summer it becomes a light entertainment. Today, at TheSpanishClub, we want to give you a few tips to learn spanish over the summer.

Studying and summer seem like two incompatible words. However, when it comes to studying to learn something you like and that will lead you to achieve an exciting goal, everything changes. The online world has allowed us to divide our time and thus enjoy it to have the opportunity to do all those activities that we choose with more interest, that we find rewarding and that lead us to obtain more satisfactory results. This happens by learning a new language or perfecting it. Everything that a language contains such as learning about a new culture, its customs or gastronomy, which is not all about grammar. 

Learn Spanish over the summer: Do it from home

Learning Spanish online allows you to begin to learn the language of joy, good humor and sunshine. Even on vacation, proposing new challenges leads us to discover what we can then continue to consolidate and turn it into a hobby. Yes, you read that right, turning studying into a great hobby! But because it is about learning Spanish.

It often happens that after returning from vacations, if you have them, you don’t know what to do. Or you are planning a trip and you think that a Spanish-speaking country like Spain, Mexico, Peru or Argentina is a good idea. Many countries and very interesting, but they all have the same thing in common: Spanish. What better time than now to learn before deciding which country to visit!

How can I do it?

You have several possibilities, but the experience of living in the country is always the most attractive. Like this, you surround yourself with people who speak the language. You will experience first-hand everything related to customs, you get to know new cities, new interesting places to remember and talk about it with your friends and family. 

The good thing about studying from wherever you want is that you can take your learning with you. With us you have that possibility, it is our motto: Learn Spanish from wherever you want. It doesn’t matter if you are learning spanish from the beginningB1 or spanish C1. Don’t be tied to a single chair, move that chair with you wherever you go and keep learning

How to learn spanish over the summer

How to study over the summer

You can live in Spain and continue studying online. You organize your time to be able to study one or two hours a day. Then, you take advantage of it to visit new places, discover large and small corners of the geography, taste new dishes that will surprise you. Also, yo can enjoy the summer festivals that are held in each town. In Spain, you will meet native people who will help you learn new expressions. This will make you go back to your room knowing that all that time spent in Spanish has been worth it.

You will be left with a pleasant taste in your mouth. The bug will bite you and you will leave with the fly behind your ear thinking that you want to continue studying Spanish. The feeling that everything has gone very well because you have been able to talk to people while you were learning.

Why? Because you have spoken Spanish from the first moment with the online classes of The Spanish Club Classes Online. And all this will give you the strength to continue with the courses and continue advancing in Spanish. And the return home will no longer be so return home. It will be a I want to continue to continue savoring this experience that I have lived. And, although I am not in Spain or Uruguay or Chile, your language will always accompany me and I will express myself in Spanish with naturalness.

How we learn spanish over the summer at The SpanishClub

When a student arrives with the recommendation of a friend or a son or brother who has learned with our courses, it is a satisfaction for us. It is the result of a job well done, of the passion that we put into teaching our language and everything that surrounds you. Online teaching has allowed us to reach more people. Reaching where we did not think we could reach so that Spanish is more universal than it is.

Whether it’s summer or spring, no matter the season, the adventure of immersing yourself in Spanish begins. It is not an effort, it is a way of opening yourself to new worlds. Learn from wherever you want.

Learning spanish over the summer is a pleasure, and even more so if it is with The Spanish Club Classes Online. For more articles feel free to explore our Spanish Blog.